Top Ten Reasons Why I Hate the School Year

Top Ten Reasons Why I Hate the School Year

1) Only one of my three children is a morning person, making me Miss Hannigan Monday through Friday. If only I had Carol Burnett’s bathtub.

2) I am not a morning person, but singing “Hard Knock Life” helps.

3) My school participation is compared between children – “But you went on two of her field trips and only one of mine.” Seriously?

4) Repetitive emails about school events just to make sure we understood the first time. And the second time. And then, they left something out…So…

5) Repetitive Paperwork (This is even worse because we are killing the trees, right?) just to make sure we understood the first time. And the second time. And then, they left something out… So…

6) Two of my children are social butterflies and want to hang out with every child they ever meet, regardless of our schedule “BUT, Mom…”

7) I am not particularly social at hockey, basketball, soccer or ANY practice, leading me to spend time sitting in my car with my laptop (8 hr battery life) and my hat pulled low. I have my fictional friends already, thank you. Evil plots don’t just HAPPEN.

8)  “$5 for a slice of pizza on Fridays?”… “Mom, it’s a fundraiser. We need to support the school!”

9) There are these Mothers who must outdo the last class party. Maybe you have met them? Must we have a meeting about the Valentine’s party after the ten emails where we “brainstormed” ideas? Do we really think the first graders are going to remember the game, the craft, the song we taught them along with the hand motions when they’re 21? And can I tell you where that craft goes the minute my kid turns her head? (It’s round three, folks, now it’s just junk in my house)

10) The early rising child is still an early riser ON SATURDAY. Like a freaking rooster.


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  1. Emails, phone calls, and the newest way the school chooses to annoy me: downloadable sound messages SENT via email to be played on my computer. For the same crap they already called me about. Will borrow that bathtub when you’re done.

    1. A friend of mine has complained about recorded messages on her phone that say, “This is a confidential message. Your child has visited the school nurse.” And then they hang up! Talk about a cliffhanger. That’s a new one.

  2. Amen to all of the above! And glad to know I’m not the only un-social soccer/karate/little league mom… My ex-husband made a big stink about me not showing up for the kids’ practices on the days when they’re with him, and I was thinking (you knew this word was coming, right?) SERIOUSLY? Is watching karate-practice from the bleachers the best measure of my motherhood? Sheesh. 😉

    1. Longdogma – You read a pro? Lol. This is my pre-Thanksgiving burn-out talking. All my kids have fantastic teachers this year. But my four hours daily driving is making me crave that week of sleep.

  3. oh dear….pre-Thanksgiving burn out…’re in trouble now! Want to come borrow my new bathtub,it’s better than Ms. Hannigan’s and it’s got JETS!! Woohoo! Love you B

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